Xiaomi Device Service Tool 100% Working Download

If you need to unlock the Xiaomi account, know that the procedure is not difficult but simply boring. The Xiaomi Device Service Tool is the software that solves account lock problems of our device. By default, it is logically “blocked” by the manufacturer as the only thing that needs to do is to load the original firmware. With the procedure that we present below, you will learn how to use Mi Account Unlock Tool. Download ADB Driver Installer 2018 Download Link.

Xiaomi Device Service Tools

Xiaomi Device Service Tool

You must first have a “My Account” before using Xiaomi Device Service Tool. A Xiaomi account with which you have – among other things – performed the initial configuration of your smartphone after buying it. To “own” I mean that you have a username and password written somewhere, preferably tattooed on one arm! Seriously, not knowing their credentials would result in: “this smartphone is not yours, you stole it!”, so watch out!

This procedure is legal and accepted by Xiaomi. In fact, it will NOT invalidate the warranty and will NOT cause the loss of personal data.

Make sure that the ROM on your smartphone is the ROM. Otherwise, probably the bootloader is already unlocked and could re-lock in the transition from this ROM to the official firmware!

Mi Account Unlock Tool:  Download Link

Unlocking procedure

  1. Log in to your Xiaomi account on your smartphone. With the SIM inserted, switch on the smartphone and go to the Mi Account App and verify that the account is entered and yours. Also check that your device is linked to the account via the Associated Devices item, as you can see in the images below:

Mi Account Unlock Tool

  1. Still, from the same application, go to Mi Cloud and activate the “Find Device” toggle:

TPS Xiaomi Tool

  1. Download the TPS Xiaomi Tool software on your PC and unzip it. With it, we will be able to unlock our Xiaomi with a simple click and in total security.

Mi Recovery Tool

  1. When the program is started, and the smartphone connected to the PC via a USB cable, the bootloader unlocking wizard will start. It will firstly login to your Xiaomi account using this software. To do this, you will need an Internet connection.

Mi Pattern unlock Tool download

Once we receive the text message, we will only have to repeat point 4 of this guide:

Connect the smartphone to the PC and start flash. The program will ask you to put your smartphone in Fastboot mode and then connect it to your PC. To do this, you will not have to do unplug from the PC, turn it off and on again. When switching it on again, however, you must also keep the “volume down key” pressed together with the “power button.” The phone will reboot in Fast boot mode, and you can connect it to your PC.

Mi Device Service Tool Link

Once the Flash tool recognizes that you have connected your smartphone, all you have to do is press “UNLOCK”.In a few seconds, the work will be finished! You can use MI Recovery Tool if your device isn’t booting up. If you forget your device pattern, Mi Pattern unlocks Tool download from here to solve it.

Final thought,

With an approximate version, we understand that it is a confirmation of authorization to use the Xiaomi Device Service Tool. Probably due to the level of permissions of our account was not necessary to pass the request by sending a code via SMS. This means that as soon as we have the access in hand, we can test the tool directly and report the results with a possible definitive guide. Stay tuned!