MediaTek 65XX USB Vcom Driver Download

If any of you own an Android device with Mediatek MTK chip, you will know that installing the drivers is not a very simple thing. Especially on Windows 10 (but also Windows 7, 8.1). So, I decided to write a step by step guide installation of the MTK Vcom Driver. It is especially useful in cases where you want to flash a ROM.

Vcom Driver

How to use Vcom Driver

  1. First of all, it will be necessary to disable the verification of the Windows 10 driver signature, to do so you will need to press the Windows + R key, the Run process will open, then you will have to type shutdown / r / o and press OK.
  2. Now, wait a few seconds. Until you see the Close button, which you will have to press.
  3. The computer will reboot and as soon as you can, you have to choose the Troubleshoot option. Then Advanced options, followed by Startup settings and finally press Restart.
  4. Once restarted, Startup Settings will appear. Here you have to press the F7 key on your keyboard to choose Disable Driver Signature Imposition.
  5. The computer will reboot, and you will be back on Windows. Now we will proceed with the installation of the MT67XX Preloader Driver, which you will need to extract from the zip file.
  6. Now you have to the right- click on Start and choose Device Manager.
  7. Right-click on the name of your PC and go to Add legacy hardware.
  8. Press next, select Install the selected hardware manually from a list (for expert users). Press Next again, select show all devices. Press next again, from Disk driver, select the folder with the previously downloaded drivers. Choose MTK windows Preloader Driver if you have Windows 64-bit or Windows x86 MTK USB Drivers if you have Windows 32-bit. Choose Open, and it will show you the drivers that will install.
  9. Select MTK USB Port. Press Next. A Windows security message will appear, and you have to choose to install them all the same.

Now you will find yourself installed the following drivers:

  • Android CDC Driver
  • MediaTek DA USB VCOM Port
  • MediaTek USB PreLoader VCOM Port
  • MTK USB Modem Port
  • MTK USB port

Download Link

In Device Manager, on Ports (COM and LPT) you will find yourself a device called MTK USB Port (COM). Right click on it and select uninstall, but without deleting the drivers. From now on your Mediatek device will be correctly recognized, especially useful for SP Flash Tool.

How to flash ROM with MTK Vcom driver

To install the MT6577 USB Vcom Drivers the phone must be switched off and connected to the PC with or without battery depending on the type of device. You will have a screen like this in device management of the computer. For those who have problems with the installation of these drivers and have previously had an MTK terminal. They have a driver conflict. To solve you can try to use USB device select all the items that report MediaTek Preloader USB VCOM as shown in right click Uninstall and restart the PC.

After installing these drivers open SP_Flash_Tools do not change any parameters, press [Scatter-loading] and select the scatter.txt file of your terminal in the “!

Press then Download at the top and choose “Yes” to the message that notifies you that not all the items have been selected. It is not an error that they are not physically present in the backup)

Done this with the cell phone off remove the battery for a few seconds put it back and connect it to the PC. SP Flash Tool will load a yellow bar completed which will appear as a green ring with “Download OK,” you can close everything and disconnect your terminal.


That’s all! After installing the Vcom driver for the Mediatek device. You can install different files and even stop worrying about unsuccessful data transfers.  MTK USB driver downloads from here and doesn’t forget to share.