IMEI & SN Writer Tool V1.5.3 Latest Version Download

IMEI & SN Writer Tool tool is the best tool to repair the IMEI of devices with mt6572, mt6575, mt6577 and mt6589 processors and all other MediaTek devices. It’s like having multiple applications once you have this installed on your Android. In particular, it was made for the MTK devices. You also glad to know that GSM firmware team tests this tool. Now, download it and repair your device IMEI successfully. MTK Android IMEI Repair Without Box Free Download Here.Falcon Box Ultima Version.

IMEI & SN Writer

SN IMEI Writer Tool V1.1516.00


SN IMEI Writer Tool V1.1520.00


SN IMEI Writer Tool V1.1528.00


SN IMEI Writer Tool V1.1532.00


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SN IMEI Writer Tool V1.1716.00


SN IMEI Writer Tool V1.1728.00


SN IMEI Writer Tool V1.1752.00

Latest Version

Features of IMEI & SN Writer Tool Tool

Repair up to 4 IMEI at a time to the same device.

It repairs the addresses of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, MAC address among others…

It is compatible with all MediaTek devices.

How To Use SN Writer Tool

MTK Android IMEI Repair without Box

A few months ago, people must need box tool to repair IMEI. With IMEI & SN Writer, you can easily repair IMEI of MTK device without using the box. You needn’t any USB cable to repair IMEI. To use IMEI repair tool without box, it needs the DB files of the different MTK processors according to the fences to be used and also the cellular drivers.

IMEI Repair Tool Without Box

How to Write IMEI Tool Download?

After downloading the IMEI tool, extract it to your computer> Open the folder> Debug

Extracted> WriteIMEI.exe.

Compatible with an IMEI: Only for flashing IMEI on Individual devices (SIM) MediaTek. If your device has multiple SIM card slots, then use SN IMEI multiple flash writing tool.

This tool is free. Broken IMEI other than the original IMEI is illegal in many countries and can cause serious problems for you, so be careful.

What is your current IMEI number?

To know the current IMEI number of your device, dial * # 06 # on your device. You can also see the IMEI number written on the back label of the device. You can see the label when removing the battery.

Write IMEI Tool Download

How to change or repair the IMEI code

To modify or insert the IMEI we must send to the telephone an AT command, which is part of a series of commands developed to control and program transmission equipment such as modems, telephones, routers, etc.

To send the AT command you must first access the reserved area Engineer Mode through a secret code, let’s see how it is done.

On the Mobile phone, stop the Telephone icon to dial the number.

Instead of a telephone number, write *#*#3646633#*#*.

Only if the previous code does not work, try writing *#7465625#.

You have logged in to the Engineer Mode area where you can change various parameters, but I suggest you stick to the Tutorial and not to play around with other parameters because you risk locking the phone up to make it unusable.

 mtk engineering mode

Step on Connectivity and then on CDS information

In the Common Data Service menu, stop Radio information. If you have a dual sim smartphone, select which SIM you want to intervene on the IMEI

If you have correctly performed all the steps, you will find yourself in this panel where you will enter the command to change the IMEI.


Using the IMEI & SN Writer Tool is easy. Remember that every situation is different and will come a time that you need to root the device before changing the IMEI number of your Android. IMEI Repair Tool Free Download from here.Download Octopus GSMhosting.