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Mi is the leading smartphone manufacturer brand in the world. If you are using MI device, you should open an MI account. Due to our fault, this account sometimes locked or we forget the password. In that time, it is necessary to unlock the device. In this article, we show you how to unlock MI account and Mi Account Unlock Tool Download process. Let’s begin.

You must have installed the drivers Xiaomi USB drivers on your PC / computer. So, you can connect your phone to the computer correctly and so continue with the process. Battery, at least 60% to prevent the device from turning off during the process.

Mi Account Unlock Tool

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User Password: www.xdarom.com

Through the following guide, you have to enable USB debugging and the developer option on your Xiaomi phone. Before continuing with the guide on how to unlock the bootloader of Xiaomi using MI Account Unlock Tool. You can also enable OEM to unlock if the option is available.

Features of Mi Account Unlock Tool

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Show manual guideline.
  • Support all windows.
  • Support all MI smartphones.
  • Auto adjustment.
  • Unlock Bootloader.

Mi Account Unlock Tool Download

How to remove MI account from smartphone or tablet

Before continuing with the guide on how to unlock the bootloader of Xiaomi using Mi Account Unlock Tool. Make a backup of all the personal data, applications, adjustments, photos, the music of your internal sd card. Unlocking the bootloader will completely lose all personal data stored on your device.

The problem is simple so that we will dispense with lengthy introductions and other boring preambles. So, there is a certain Xiaomi, “tied” to a certain account. It is listed on the official website of MIUI. How to delete Mi account from a smartphone (or tablet) Xiaomi, without deleting it from MIUI?

Mi Account Remove Tool

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This is done as follows:

In the device open “Settings,” tap “Mi account” and then – “MI Cloud.”

Turn off the “Synchronization” and “Device Search” options in turn, after which the system will automatically launch the verification procedure. Request a phone number but your unique Mi account ID and e-mail address will also work.

Then enter the password for the Mi-account, fill in the captcha. Only after that the option “Device search “will be disabled.

Now go back to the “Mi account” screen and at the very bottom of it tap the “Delete Mi account “button.

To choose from, you will be offered 3 separate options. From which in this case you should select “Remove from the device.”

And that is all. The account will be “untied” from this smartphone or tablet, and vice versa. The device will be disconnected from the account. At the same time, it is saved on the MIUI website. In future, it can be used on another mobile device.

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Mi Account Unlock Tool Password

What other tasks you can do with this tool?

  • It has more options, when it comes to personalizing the device, installing a custom rom using the TWRP recovery or installing Xposed modules.
  • Personalized recovery twrp, puts at our disposal the resources to root through supersu or using magisk devices with an Android operating system.
  • Using custom recovery twrp you can delete, cache and data reset the device to the factory state as a solution to the boot loop.
  • Through the twrp recovery, you can remove bloatware (applications that come installed by default, on an android device).

Unlock the Xiaomi Bootloader using Mi Account Remove Tool

Step 1: We extract the downloaded file on the PC and run the exe file from the folder.

Step 2:  Next, enter your MI account, if you do not have one, create a new IM ID.

Step 3:  After the successful login, the validation process will start on the phone, and for the first time, you will receive a message that “You do not have permission to unlock the device.”

Step 4:  We click on the “OK” button, or we use to go to the MIUI Unlock page to receive the unlocking permission.

Step 5:  Next, we click on the “Unlock Now” access with the details of our MI account and fill in all the details.

Step 6:  We will receive the OTP confirmation, we accept to complete the process.

Step 7:  We wait until the application is approved. You will receive the OTP password in your phone number once it is approved.

Step 8:  We use the OTP number on the unlock screen. We open the application of the MI unlock tool on the desktop and so we should have permission to unlock the phone.

Mi Account

How to perform the hard reset without knowing Mi Account Unlock Tool Password?

Of course, it is possible. You first need to back up all the important data and settings (you can get on a PC, you can see in MI Cloud). So that, nothing is lost, and you do not have to bother with setting up your smartphone after rebooting.

Just in case, we will remind you that the procedure of full data reset – a hard reset – provides for the removal of all user information stored in the smartphone’s memory.Contacts, messages, downloaded applications, photos, music, mail settings, alarms, etc. and OS settings.

  1. Press the power button and hold until the smartphone turns off;
  2. The field of how it turns off, we press the power buttons simultaneously and increase the volume – the smartphone should turn on with the logo Mi on the screen;
  3. With the help of the volume buttons go to the menu, select a clear language (we have – English) and press the power button;
  4. Then, in the same way, we select the option “Wipe and reset “in the menu and then “Wipe all data “;
  5. The system will ask you to confirm the command – click “Yes “;
  6. After the data deletion is complete, we return to the main menu (” Back to the main menu “) and restart the smartphone (” Reboot “).
  7. After the reboot, you can immediately download the saved to your computer or Mi Cloud backup data. As you can see, nothing complicated and Mi password is not needed.


Make the most of the device, following this guide to make an android backup and then be able to restore the entire system if you need it. It is also advisable to create a backup of the EFS partition that stores identification information on your device. That is all. This is the guide on how to unlock the bootloader using Mi Account Unlock Tool Rar file. Extract it and enjoy.