Falcon Box Setup 3.4 Latest Version Download

Today we are going to talk about a program through which we can repair the IMEI in Android 4.4. Repair IMEI on Android 5.0 Lollipop and many other versions, it is compatible with almost all versions. Also with Flacon Box shell, we can release almost any Android phone. We have to find the brand and model of the device that we want to free. You can get these things and many more with just download falcon box for free.

Falcon Box

Miracle Falcon FRP Tool V1.5: Link

Miracle Falcon Box & key MTK Tool V1.3 Released: Link

Falcon Box LG 1.1 Released: Link

Miracle Falcon Qualcomm V2.1 Released: Link

Falcon Box HTC Module V1.5: Link

All in One Link: Download

Full Setup Link: Download

Falcon Box Setup

What does cell phone models Falcon Box Setup File support?

Within your repertoire, you have too many cell models to which you can release and repair your IMEI. In any case, we talked about the brands that are compatible with this program. Here we are going to make a count of the terminal brands:

  • Samsung
  • Huawei
  • ZTE
  • HTC
  • BlackBerry
  • LG

Falcon Box Shell: Download Link

The best-known brands that are currently on the market, but if your cell phone model is not on the list, quiet. Because it also has a box with a code generator, which you can do with your IMEI. With this code, you can free your Android device.

Falcon Box Driver: Download Link

How to install and download Falcon Box in Windows?

>First, you have to download the Falcon Box driver. You do the installation process on your computer as you do when you install any program, click on the next one, next until you finish. Once finished we would have to activate it, for that we will use Falcon Box shell.

To download and unzip the file, you must deactivate your antivirus. This is important because otherwise it will detect it as a virus and delete the files to activate it.

Once you have unzipped the files to activate the program, we must copy them and paste them into the installation folder. We have to go to the DISC // C of our computer and enter the folder of Program Files.

Falcon Box Card Driver: Download Link

Falcon Box Crack

You must download falcon box crack full. So, you can install completely on your computer. A few lines below we will leave the links for download, plus we will also leave the necessary files to crack it. In case you do not know what cracked means, it would be “install the program without having to buy it.” With the help patches, you can activate this program, in this way you would have Falcon box full.

falcon box crack

Download Link

Password: Download

How to download Falcon Box full free

Here we look for the folder of the Box, we enter it, and we paste the files to activate it. Then we must run the program, with administrator permissions.

We wait for the count to end, then click on the Star Loader button. In case there is an error, in the box Sleep that is with the number 1000, we change it to 1500 or 2000. However, I do not think that they will get an error, it’s just a case.

After clicking on Star Loader, they will load a program window asking for a username and password. Here you can write an invented mail; it does not matter.

Write a fake email and a false password, before clicking on the Login button, check the “remember me” box. When you do this, the next time you open the program it will no longer be necessary to write the mail again.


Click on the Login button, and the program will open completely. You will be able to see an interface with many options, different models and cell phone brands.Installing as well as downloading theFalcon Box for free is easier than it seems. Follow the instructions, so you do not have problems. Remember to read everything in case you do not understand.