Android Fastboot Reset Tool V1.2 Download Link

Fastboot is a tool that allows access to memory areas reserved for the bootloader and if necessary to rewrite them; it is essential for every process. Knowing how to use it is the starting point for serious hacking with your smartphone/tablet. Android Fastboot Reset Tool is the essential tools to unlock the bootloader. To have captured a full backup of the device through the simple commands exposed. So let’s see how to proceed step by step, without taking anything for granted. Download All Unlock Tools Free Download Link.

Adnroid Fastboot FRP Reset Tool

Download: Android Fastboot Reset Tool

How to use Android Fastboot Reset Tool

To use Fastboot you need to connect the phone to the PC with a USB cable, then open the prompt commands or the Terminal and move to the platform-tools folder.

For example, on Windows, type the command cd platform-tools if this folder has been saved in C.

A simpler way is to type cd [space] and then drag the platform-tools folder into the command prompt window to automatically insert the path.

Even easier, in Windows, you can right-click on the platform-tools folder and then press Open Command Prompt from here.

If everything is configured correctly, run the fastboot devices command and press Enter to see a list of devices connected with the serial number.

Having found that everything works well, you can launch commands, writing fastboot and then the command to be executed. If you faced any problems, download Android Fastboot Driver from here.

How to install Android Fastboot Reset Tool

  • Download the fastboot.exe file and install it on your PC.
  • Run the file with administrator rights (right click on the file, run as administrator)
  • Press Y to install fastboot
  • Press Y to install at the system level
  • Press Y to install the drivers
  • Wait 15 seconds, and the tool will have all the files installed.

At this point we have correctly installed fastboot; you can check the success of the installation by opening a console and typing the command:


In both cases, we would see on the console a list of writings that are pointing us to the correct installation of the tools.

Fastboot FRP Tool

Starting with Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google has introduced a new security measure called Factory Reset Protection (FRP). The purpose is to keep user data safe in case the device is stolen. In practice, authentication via Google account is required, in case a factory data reset is performed. To access the phone and all its features you will need to enter your credentials. But what if we forget the password of our account or if we buy a second-hand device, on which the previous owner forgot to delete the Google account?

Before using this Android Fastboot FRP Reset Tool, connect your device to PC through USB cable. Here we put Xiaomi A1 for example.

  • Download and install the MiSetup2.2.0.7032_271 file on your PC;
  • Download the file A1 A1frp.rar and unzip the archive;
  • Turn off the Xiaomi Mi A1 and go into Fastboot mode (holding down the Power and Volume Down buttons for about ten seconds);
  • Connect the device to the PC via the USB cable;
  • Once the smartphone is recognized, start the file AI A1 frp.bat in the previously unpacked folder.

That’s all; at the end of the procedure the device will reboot, and you can set all the initial settings. In case the above file does not work, you can try it with Android Fastboot SPD FRP Reset Tool.


Before using Android Fastboot Reset Tool, Backup all contents (photos, images, videos, contacts) from your smartphone. Install the basic Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) and alternative ROM as the famous Cyanogen Mod.